Our new single Hurry Up out now

Our new single Hurry Up out now on the 28th of June 2020, available on various music streaming service such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.. Do not hesitate to check the DISCOGRAPHY page on our website for the direct links.




Live Streaming started

We’ve got started to stream our creation session on our YouTube channel. The first live streaming is done. Here’s the link : https://youtu.be/4Hq_AiSeq4I

Next ones are coming soon. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our channel :  https://www.youtube.com/c/Multiphonix

See you soon,



Fusion with songwriting project in May 2020

Since the beginning of Multiphonix, we always made ‘instrumental’ songs (except our first release ‘Love Is’). And we were having another songwriting project called ‘Finders’.

Today in May 2020, we decided to make them one, our project Multiphonix and Finders. From now, we’ll do all songwriting stuffs and electronic dance music productions only under the name of Multiphonix. So, you’ll find lyrics and vocals in Multiphonix’s new songs !

We are so excited having made this decision.

See you soon,